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The products of the life of a human living in the moment

These publications are to be enriched and updated as the human renews, produces, expands, and improves by each moment and the lives of humans in the future will become richer. Words get renewed and gain meaning according to lives lived.

"The Body, The Wanderer, The One Who Breathes"


Our purpose in life is to get ourselves to be accepted. But how do we define “Ourself”?

We are all struggling to exist in the society individually, as a family or as a social group. We live to be accepted. When we get to the bottom of all of our actions, words, behaviors and thoughts; we can find this desire that drives us. We all want everybody to like us, to love us, to respect us, to appreciate us and to understand us. In short, our purpose in life is to be accepted. To be respectfully accepted too. But while we’re expecting others to accept us, how much are we in acceptance of ourselves? For humans to meet these basic needs, the first thing that we ought to do is to reach out, find and meet the source for these needs and wants.



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We have two parts: "The Economic (External) and the Internal Part."

Profession & Economy
from the True Human Perspective

The internal part produces, the external part consumes. It is necessary to provide for the needs of the external part. How can this be achieved?

The shift in priority from human to material things, as well as the dominance of material goals, are not accepted by society’s conscience because they go against human nature. Since there has been no science for true human needs until now, we have become entangled in an inextricable web of problems. About the solution to this problem, Mr. Erol Erbaş has made presentations in the light of the practices he positively confirmed in his life. The discourses about profession and economy in this book are taken from the lectures of Mr. Erbaş.



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Get Closer to the Voice of Your Conscience

Quotes for Living the True Self

Feel the strong approval of your inner world.

The quotes in this book are taken from Erol Erbaş’s lectures over a 20-year period during his several decades of teaching. They shed a different kind of light on what people experience in their inner world. You will find quotes to enrich your perspective on topics like Love, Beliefs, Ego, Spirituality, Habits, Thought, Freedom, Self-Control, and many more.

These words that Erol Erbaş spoke spontaneously in his lectures, will help you to know and be able to analyze yourself in a way that you may not have done before.

The concept of living in the moment and speaking spontaneously is a new invention. Spontaneous speech is words coming directly from our conscience, without getting mixed with our interpretations, assumptions, and prejudices. In other words, it is the outward manifestation of our spiritual mind.

You will get closer to the voice of your conscience and feel the strong approval of your inner world while reading this work.


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